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Carlson Restoration Commercial and Residential Storm Damage Restoration

Hail, that dreaded act of mother nature that when it finds you, pretty much hits everything. We handle it all, roof, windows, siding, doors, if the hail damaged it, we can handle it. From emergency board up and tarp off services provided to repairing the damage, our team is fast an efficient so that your business is aesthetically pleasing again for your clients or customers.

Carlson Restoration is your go-to local contractor for all your storm damage roofing needs, trusted by homeowners in and around Omaha & Lincoln, NE.

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Hail Damage

As we are aware, here in the Midwest, hail storms hit about every couple year. This is when out of town contractors descend to the area, calling and sending people door to door with contracts and promises. Know the right questions to ask when being approached.

Are they locally owned and operated?

If they answer yes, but you have never heard of them, ask for proof, like a certificate of insurance dated before the storm hit and that lists a local address for the contractor.  If they admit they are not locally owned and operated, then ask, who will be here to stand behind their work once it is completed should you have a problem? Check to see if they have a good reputation wherever they might be from. Call your insurance company and see if the company has a history with your insurance provider.


Most insurance companies are national and may have some good feedback or advice for you on a particular contractor. Be leery of people knocking on your door and offering free, high end, upgrades. Also, remember, a lot of the out of town contractors temporarily rent local addresses, trucks and set up local phone numbers. In some cases, this could be to make you think they are local so you do not ask to many questions. Of course, there are good, honest, out of town contractors that enter our community but unfortunately, there are no guarantees on which ones they are.

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Storm / Tree Damage

When mother nature decides that a tree is meant to fall, she does not deliberately intend for it to inconveniently fall on your home, business or other structure. Blame the laws of physics for that one. After you are done with that process, remember, your insurance carrier and contractors such as us are there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You will be instructed on what to do while they are already reaching out on your behalf to one of their preferred contractors. You may have a hole in the roof, if it is raining, water entering your home, and they will guide you while you wait for the professional contractor to call with estimated time of arrival to remove the tree and temporarily secure your roof from preventing further interior and exterior damage.

Local Insurance Claim Experts

Storm damage to your home can be downright devastating and the very last thing you need is a fly-by-night roofer knocking at your door. We were here before the storm, and rest assured that we’ll be here far after.

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Emergency Services

If your business has suffered a loss, our company offers emergency services for you and your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 352 days a year. Whether you need a board up after a fire to secure your business and its assets, a tarp off of a roof to keep your business safe from the elements or animals, had a break in and need your building secured or have suffered a water loss, let our emergency, rapid response team of experts help you start the process. With highly qualified staff and contractors, we are the team you can trust with your emergency needs.